Noble Fir

Often referred to as the Cadillac of Christmas trees. The needles turn upward and vary in color from dark green to bluish green. This tree is known to have exceptional needle retention. The heavier branches extend outward providing good support for heavy ornaments. The branches are often used to make wreaths.

Grand Fir

The most fragrant of all Christmas trees, the needles have a glossy, dark green color,
and they are flat along the branch.  Needle retention is similar to the Douglas-fir. Grand fir is usually priced between a Douglas-fir and Noble fir.

Doug Fir

Bright green needles which are about 1 inch in length. These dense trees are one of the most popular Christmas trees because of their fragrance, uniform shape, and lower price.


Nordman & Turkish Fir

Has good stiff branches to hold ornaments similar to Noble fir.  Color can range from very dark green to a lime.  Needles are about one inch long and can be glossy in appearance.  Good ability to stay fresh over a long period.